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FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document)

The FDD is the legal portion of the Discovery Process. The FDD is several hundred pages of legalese and is a very easy place to get caught in the weeds. Though it is important to read the FDD, it is more important to realize there is nothing, absolutely nothing, in an FDD that will tell you which is the best franchise for YOU to own.  


What is in an FDD, why do they exist, how do you navigate it, what should you look for, when can you ask questions about it, and more can be learned below (and during your Update Calls with your Coach)!


Take a look at some of our informative articles and info sheets about the Discovery Process.

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Prefer listening to educational content? Check out some of our Franchising 101 Podcast episodes about the FDD.

What is the FDD?
How Can a Franchise Attorney Help?


Would you rather learn about what to expect during Update Calls with the help of some visual infographics? Look no further. Just click on an image to view it in a larger size.

Breaking Down the FDD
Navigating the FDD
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