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Validation Calls

One of the final parts of the Discovery Process is referred to as "Validation Calls."  Validation Calls reveal some of the most important information you will learn on this journey, as they are your chance to speak with existing franchise owners.  


On this page, we have curated resources to help you understand what Validation Calls are, who you will be speaking with, and what you should expect from this phase of your journey to become a franchise owner.


Looking for more information about Validation Calls? You're in the right place. Read either of these two articles to gain some additional context about this step in the process. 

Image by Petri R


Would you rather learn about Validation Calls by listening to one of our Franchising 101 Podcast episodes? Check out one of these hits: 

Bad Validation Calls?
What Is a Validation Call?


More of a visual learner? Dive deeper into the world of Validation Calls with one of these infographics. Just click on the image to magnify.

Bad Validation Calls
Top Questions for Validation Calls
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